Edward does WPF
As someone struggling to get up to speed on WPF, it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one adapting to the new model.  Edward has a string of short, useful posts on WPF topics.

Data loss problems in SQL Server 2005/2008 THAT WON’T BE FIXED
Yeah, you read that right, there is a bug in SQL Server’s handling of ‘identity’ that can cause it to return incorrect results.  It does not seem to be a commonly-occurring bug, but everyone should be aware of it. Those of us using NHibernate or ActiveRecord can follow Ayende’s advice and use alternative means of generating identifiers.

Mobile Web Browsers and ASP.NET MVC
Hanselman has posted details on how he used the Mobile Device Browser File to mobilize his NerdDinner.com ASP.NET MVC site.  I was just thinking about how I would handle mobile browsers in ASP.NET MVC the other day, and I’m glad that it was so easy to support.

Good (financial) Advice…
… that really applies to just about everything.  If you don’t follow Ramit, I highly recommend him.  Even if your goals aren’t to be “rich”, he’s still just full of sound, useful advice that can help you cut out the things you don’t need.