Well, I broke down and installed the new beta of Resharper a few minutes ago.  This was motivated by the fact that I was working with our gigantic DAL, and 4.1 was really slowing me down (like it always does on large files).  Resharper 4.5 didn’t boast improvements for large files, just large solutions, but I thought I’d try it anyway. 

So, first thing I notice is that the solution (about 50 projects) opens slightly faster, maybe.  It was really too close to tell without using a stopwatch.  Color me not impressed. 

Next, my Agent Smith plug-in was gone.  It’s a really handy plug-in, so I checked the site, saw that there was a version for 4.5, uninstalled my old 4.1 version of the plug-in, installed the 4.5 version, and thought I would be good to go.  WRONG.

Resharper puked on load with this error: Could not load type
‘JetBrains.UI.Shell.PluginSupport.PluginDescriptionAttribute’ from
assembly ‘JetBrains.Platform.ReSharper.UI, Version=4.5.1182.15,
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1010a0d8d6380325′
.  Looks like Agent Smith doesn’t work with the beta.  Fortunately, someone has already posted fixed binaries here.

Now, all seems well.  I load the DAL back up, but I’m very disappointed to see that performance has not improved much.  Even typing in such a large file causes all kinds of slowness.  It appears to be a little better than 4.1, but it’s hardly noticeable.

Oh well, I still love Resharper.  It’s a great product.  I guess I just expected/hoped for a little more out of a release that was focused on improving performance.