I thought I had made a post to explain why things were going to be quiet around here, but obviously I was mistaken.  So, the reason there has been no activity on this blog for almost a week is that I’ve locked myself in my home office until I finish my thesis.  I’ve spent most of the past four days doing nothing but writing and coding (coding is fun, writing is hell).  Since my thesis is heavy on machine learning and data mining, topics which are thick and probably not very interesting to the vast* audience I have here, there’s just not much to talk about.  Things should return to normal next week.

What’s coming up

In the weeks and months ahead, here are the things that may or may not show up on here:

– My learning pains with WPF (yes, I am finally leaving the WinForms world behind)

– Ultimate Death Match: Castle ActiveRecord versus Nvigorate (well, not really a death match, but more of a series of comparisons with this blog covering ActiveRecord and Alex showing off Nvigorate)

– Alternatives to relational databases (yeah, I’m still on my “I hate SQL” trip)

Umbraco noise (I’m evaluating Umbraco for use on a new website, so maybe I’ll have interesting things to say about it)

– And the best news of all: the worst podcast of all time (myself plus other lazy developers)

*4 people, including my mom