Visual Studio 2010 Eyecandy
Jason Zander has posted some pics of the new WPF-based Visual Studio 2010 interface.  Some of the changes are subtle, and overall things look pretty good.  What I don’t like is the "New Project" dialog.  What’s wrong with the 2008 dialog?  What does the new dialog offer that the current one doesn’t, aside from forcing me to scroll and a GIGANTIC pointless thumbnail?  Sure, it looks pretty, but pretty != usable.  When oh when will companies learn the difference…

NVigorate: can haz code review?
Alex has posted some code showing off NVigorate usage and has asked for feedback (NVigorate is Alex’s work-in-progress ORM).  Check it out, and let him know what you think.

Not-development related, but…
I really like Ramit’s site.  I think he has a lot of sound, reasonable advice.  If you are even mildly interested in finances (and you should be, given the times we live in), I suggest checking his site out. 

Internet Explorer: Just give up, please
When your brand-new, not even out the door yet browser is at the bottom of the pile in everything, I think it’s time to pack it in.  Microsoft, PLEASE, give up, adopt an open-source rendering engine, and repackage it with some bells-and-whistles as IE 9.  That’s the only way to stay relevant in this war.