Every semester I think "there is no possible way my workload could get any worse," yet every semester is worse than the one before.  This semester is killing me.  Homework, thesis, project work, real work, baby arrival preparations, and jiu-jitsu are leaving me with almost no free time.  Thankfully Red Bull has not been outlawed in this country (yet), otherwise I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in.

Anyway, the point of this is that this blog is really suffering.  I’m not doing a decent job (at all) of staying on top of things; I don’t even check other blogs in the mornings anymore on a regular basis, hence why there haven’t been any link roundups lately.  Obviously I’m not hitting my "three quality posts per week" goal, either. 

There is hope though.  We will hopefully be transitioning back to ASP.NET MVC work in the near future here at my day job, and I’ll try to blog more about what we’re doing there.  I still plan to dig in to alternatives to relational databases, too, but I’ve got to find the time to actually do some legwork and investigate what’s out there.

So, in conclusion, I suck.  Oh, and I’m twitter, twit me!