I was way behind on my Google Reader list, so here are the gems for the last few days:

Event handlers can cause memory leaks
Be careful how you use event handlers in .NET, and be sure you unsubscribe objects that you want GC to clean up.

Hanselman Podcast Megalist
Hanselman has posted a ton of podcasts that might be of interest to .NET developers.  Personally, I follow Hanselminutes, Stackoverflow (though that one is probably going to be dropped), and ALT.NET.  I used to listen to .NET Rocks, but I really didn’t care for it.  I’ll have to give the rest of his suggestions a try…

Fluent Validation with ASP.NET MVC and Db4o
Tuna has a very cool post on two things that I am very interested in: Db4o and ASP.NET MVC.  He’s using Fluent Validation to perform validation for his app.  I definitely want to check in to this further.

VsDoc for jQuery 1.31
It’s up, grab it!

Jeff Atwood redeems himself (a little)
It isn’t enough to completely offset his recent missteps on the Stack Overflow podcast, but his post on the mix of HTML and code is spot-on.  I agree that we all have been doing it wrong.  Now if only there was a good solution…