Ok, so maybe I should call this the "Semi-Frequent Link Roundup" since it has been anything but daily this week.  There just hasn’t been that much that was link-worthy this week.  Today there is a glimmer of light though:

Ayende finds the key to preventing piracy
Apparently the key is to give a lot back to the community and create a cool product at a reasonable price. 

Oldie but goodie: Big Ball of Mud
Why go three-tier architecture when you can just go Big-Ball-of-Mud?

Using jQuery to send JSON objects to ASP.NET MVC
This post has proven invaluable for a project I’m working on at my day job.  I’m combining it with jqGrid to (hopefully) create a very nice, Excel-like experience for editing some tabular data in the application.  I plan to blog about it as soon as I’ve got it all working.