Thoughts about IRepository<T>
If you use NHibernate or are just following "best practices" and wrapping all your data access code in a repository class, check this out.  The post makes some good arguments against exposing IRepository<T> directly.  From personal experience, I can tell you that exposing anything to clients that ties them to the underlying API being used (in this case, NHibernate) has a good chance of coming back to bite you.  Decoupling them from the underlying API means writing more code though, so you need to decide whether or not the additional abstraction is necessary in your situation.

Future Queries – New in NHibernate
Davy Brion has a post about the new Future method that Ayende added to NHibernate.  Looks pretty cool and reminds me a bit of the deferred execution employed by LINQ to SQL.  I wonder if/when this will make it in to Castle ActiveRecord

Google AJAX APIs Playground
Google has created a virtual playground for experimenting with various AJAX APIs, including jQuery.  It also has examples for interacting with various Google services including search, maps, calendar, and more.

Which Programmer Are You?
Here’s a list of developer stereotypes.  Which one best describes you?  I’d like to think I’m Google George, but I’m probably closer to Essential Eric (not by choice, I’ve tried to document things that I do, but documentation is apparently one of those things that’s useless if you’re following the How To Run a Software Development Company INTO THE GROUND methodology of management).