I haven’t done the best job in the new year of making three blog posts a week.  Sorry, but things have been crazy-busy, just not crazy-busy with bloggable stuff.  So, in an effort to post more frequently, I’m going to (hopefully) start posting a few links to other blogs, tools, stories, etc. that are worth checking out.  I promise this isn’t going to become another link-listing blog; I still plan to shoot for three quality posts a week.  But, since I scan about 40 blogs every morning anyway, I thought I could at least pass on any useful tidbits.  This won’t be like some daily link rolls where I post dozens of links every day.  These will be the things that I think are truly interesting.  Some days (like today), that means there will only be a couple of links.

I have unlinked my Delicious account from this blog’s feed since there is likely to be a lot of overlap with these daily roundups.  If you still want to follow my links, you can subscribe directly to my RSS feed here.

Anyway, let me know what you think.  If you think these posts are helpful, great, but if not, tell me so that I won’t waste my time typing these up.

DotNetKicks has some competition.  DotNetShoutout has a slick interface and a lot of activity already.  It’s built on Kigg, which you can checkout on CodePlex, so give it a look.

S#arp Architecture Beta 1.0
Bill McCafferty has announced the beta release of S#arp Architecture, an open-source project that integrates numerous tools and projects into a single framework for building high-quality web applications.  You can check out the project site on Google Code. 

Further proof that even Microsoft won’t use Visual Studio without Resharper…
Check out the image in that post.  Yup, even Microsoft realizes that using Visual Studio without Resharper is just wrong.