Month: <span>November 2008</span>

How to run a software development company (INTO THE GROUND) – Part 7

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.  I wish I could say that it was because the bucket was running low, but it’s not.  Unfortunately, most of the examples that spring to mind lately are a tad too personal to vent them in public (right now), but here’s a solid, non-offensive practice…

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Dynamic objects in C# 4.0

I was going to write up my feelings on the new ‘dynamic’ features coming with C# 4.0, but this basically sums up my feelings exactly.  Are dynamic references a useful feature?  Sure, there are going to be times when this is really handy.  Can it be misused?  Most definitely.  Will it be misused?  Almost certainly….

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Bridging the Java-.NET Gap: foreach-ing an Enumeration

My fun with IKVM.NET continues this week as I utilize Weka from .NET (just a fun note, but the .NET-compiled version is insanely faster than the Java version doing the exact same thing; suck on that, Java fans!).  For the most part, everything has been swell.  The hardest part is trying to decipher research methodologies…

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