Well, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought a MacBook Pro.  My initial impressions are:

  • Wow, this is really nice hardware. 
  • Wow, this thing is tough.  I think it could stop a bullet.
  • Wow, this thing is very light.
  • Wow, it sure is easy to get Vista up and running!
  • Wow, the OS X disc actually has all the bootcamp drivers and what-not built in to it now.
  • Hmm, so they still haven’t added a right mouse button?
  • Hmm, how many ways is OS X going to tell me "Welcome" before I can use my computer?
  • Wtf, why are so many people crazy about OS X? 
  • Wtf, could they make application installation any less intuitive?  (before you comment, yes, once you read the directions, it is easy and I’m sure it’s swell once you get used to it, but if I have to read directions, it is by definition NOT intuitive)
  • Wtf, I have to put two fingers on the trackpad and then click in order to do a right-click in Vista?

So yeah, my summary impression: the hardware is great, OS X is crap, right mouse buttons should be mandated by federal law.  It’s like they threw out everything that makes Windows suck, then threw out everything that makes Windows great, then added in another giant helping of suck. 

As Alex said, (paraphrasing) Apple is about being different, not better.

Now I need to find a nice big Windows sticker to affix over the top of this Apple logo…