SpecsFor V3 Release Candidate Now Available

The SpecsFor 3.0 release is nearing completion!  The release candidate is now on NuGet.  This release further cleans up and simplifies things and lays the groundwork for porting SpecsFor to other testing frameworks. [more] To try out the release candidate, install the prerelease version from NuGet: PM> Install-Package SpecsFor -Pre Since the last preview release, […]

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SpecsFor 3.0 Preview Available on NuGet

The first preview release of SpecsFor 3.0 is now available on NuGet.  This release cleans up and simplifies much of the core while dropping some ill-conceived features, but it also adds a brand new system for composing test context. [more] To try out the new releases, install the prerelease version from NuGet: PM> Install-Package SpecsFor […]

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Using SpecsFor.Mvc – Dealing with Authentication

In all of the SpecsFor.Mvc examples I’ve posted so far, I’ve omitted one common cross-cutting requirement of web applications: authentication!  Most web apps have some sort of authentication, and we need to be able to test our core application logic without this cross-cutting concern getting in the way.  SpecsFor.Mvc makes it easy to achieve exactly […]

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Using SpecsFor.Mvc – Reading Data

So far in the “Using SpecsFor.Mvc" series, I’ve shown you how to navigate using the strongly-typed API and how to fill out and submit forms.  In part three of my series, I’ll show you how to create automated acceptance tests for your ASP.NET MVC application that verify expected data is displayed on a page.  [more] […]

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SpecsFor.Mvc 1.1 Released

A new release of SpecsFor.Mvc is now live on NuGet.  This release includes one simple, but important, enhancement as well as a few other minor improvements. [more] Area Support One major oversight of SpecsFor.Mvc 1.0 was lack of support for Areas.  Well, that’s now fixed in 1.1.  First, you need to register the Area in […]

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Using SpecsFor.Mvc – Navigation and Form Submission

This is part two of my series on Using SpecsFor.Mvc to write awesome automated acceptance tests for your ASP.NET MVC application.  In this post, we’ll look at navigating around your app from SpecsFor.Mvc and at how to locate, populate, and submit forms.  [more] The “Using SpecsFor.Mvc” Series Using SpecsFor.Mvc – Introduction Using SpecsFor.Mvc – Navigation […]

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A very simple Jasmine runner for ASP.NET Applications

This post is more of a reference for me than anything else.  The Standalone Jasmine runner requires that you manually include any spec files.  That gets pretty annoying.  So, I built a simple ASP.NET WebPages file that can be used with any ASP.NET 4.0+ application as a light-weight, convention-based Jasmine test runner. [more] Here’s the […]

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Using SpecsFor.Mvc – Introduction

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally shipped version 1.0 of SpecsFor.Mvc last week.  There’s a slew of features in this release.  Enough, in fact, for a series of blog posts.  Hence this post!  This is the first of many covering what you can do with SpecsFor.Mvc 1.0.  Read on, and I’ll show […]

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