Git Tips & Tricks, Part 4–Breaking a Commit Up

Today’s tip is pretty simple.  I’m going to show you how you can break up a commit into multiple, smaller commits after you’ve already committed everything to your local repo. [more] I’m a big advocate of peer reviews.  I always try to think about the poor sap lucky soul that gets to review my changes.  […]

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Git Tips & Tricks, Part 2–A Simple Workflow

Git’s flexibility allows you to use it however you want.  Your day-to-day workflow can be as complex or as simple as you decide to make it.   Here’s a “simple” workflow that my team and I use. [more] We have exactly two primary branches in our shared repository at any point in time: a release branch […]

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Git Tips & Tricks, Part 1–Tools

Git is great.  You should start using it immediately (if not sooner!)  In this new “Git Tips & Tricks” series, I’m not going to talk about the basic git operations that have already been covered by more talented people than me.  Instead, I’m going to show you all the Git commands and scripts I use […]

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Connecting TeamCity to Gitblit

This post is more of a reference for myself than anything else, but you might find it useful if you have run into security problems while trying to hook TeamCity to a Gitblit server that uses a self-signed certificate. [more] My team is slowly migrating to Gitblit from Subversion.  We’re big on Continuous Integration, so […]

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