Quick-and-Easy Database Integration Tests with SpecsFor

SpecsFor makes it very easy to bolt on your own conventions, create your own base classes, and extend its behavior to support your specific testing needs.  I’m working on a project that’s built on LINQ to SQL, and I wanted to start creating integration tests around our stored procedures and views.  Here’s the base class […]

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When to consider ESENT

Rob pointed out that my last post didn’t really make a strong case for using ESENT.  Why would someone want to jump through the extra hoops when they could just use NHibernate to store their data?  In it’s current form, I would have to agree that NHibernate is probably a better solution than using the […]

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Alternatives to Relational DBs – ESENT

As I have ranted about previously, I’m not a big fan of relational databases.  They have their uses, but they also have some very serious drawbacks, and I think they should be employed selectively.  There are lots of other ways you can handle persistence for your application.  This post kicks off what I hope will […]

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Relational databases – the hammer-to-a-screw of software development?

Relational databases make me sad.  They are slow, they pose a serious impedance mismatch when used with an object-oriented language, they are heavy, they have non-trivial hardware requirements, and they can cost (a lot) of money.  Did I mention that they’re SLOW?  Unfortunately, some 95%* of software applications use relational databases for persistence, which means […]

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