Introducing SpecsFor Helpers!

SpecsFor<Web> Helpers will help you write cleaner, easier-to-read (and maintain!) specs for your ASP.NET MVC applications.  It’s the latest addition to the SpecsFor family, and the first of the Helpers line that I’m working on.  Read on to see what it can do for you and your team! [more] I suppose this really doesn’t qualify […]

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Random Link Roundup–10/24/2014

It’s Friday, so prepare for incoming awesomeness in the form of random links! [more] AngularJS 1.3 is out!  The name makes me think of Guardians of the Galaxy for some reason… Further proof that we will eventually JavaScript All the Things: speech recognition in JavaScript has arrived. 🙁 You can never have too many icons!  […]

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Random Link Roundup–10/17/2014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a batch of links, mostly due to me catching pneumonia!  So, I have a ton of stuff for you today!  Oh, and it’s late! [more] I can tell I’m spending the bulk of my time in the Angular world these days… Angular JS "Why does there have to […]

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Random Link Roundup–9/25/2014

It’s the last Friday of September.  Time for another cat pic and some links! [more] I’ve been working on some simplified ASP.NET Identity samples lately, something that shows how cleanly it can be implemented if you remove some of the bad design and noise that the VS project template adds.  These two posts were very […]

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Random Link Roundup–8/29/2014

Once again, happy Friday!  As is the tradition, here’s a bunch of random useful links I stumbled across in my adventures this week. [more] Meteor.js is a slick-looking framework.  Anything can be made to look good in a demo, but still, if it works half this well, that’s amazing. Claims in ASP.NET Identity are a […]

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Random Link Roundup–8/22/2014

Happy Friday again!  Here are more random, useful links I’ve come across over the last week. [more] – nifty little tool for picking complimentary fonts! Just Say No to Justification – Design for Hackers author David Kadavy talks about why justification works in some mediums, but also illustrates why you shouldn’t use it on […]

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Random Link Roundup

Happy Friday!  Here are some random, useful links I have come across over the last couple of weeks.  [more] If you follow the standard of using ViewBag.Title to set page titles in ASP.NET MVC, you have probably run into an annoying problem that occurs when you combine Editor Templates with view models that contain a […]

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