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Perfect PDF $79 Sale Extended!

I decided to extend the Perfect PDF sale until the end of the week!  That’s $79 for the full license.  It covers your entire team and however many apps you want to use it in.  After this sale ends on Friday, August 1st, the price for this edition will jump back up to its usual $299. You can still grab a free trial off of NuGet if you want to check it out before you spend your cash:

Perfect PDF Sale!

I’m running a sale this weekend to celebrate Perfect PDF graduating from beta!  You can grab an unlimited license that covers you and your entire team, as many applications as you want to build, for $79 right now.  If you need to convert HTML to PDF in your ASP.NET MVC application, Perfect PDF is for you! If you just want to try it out, you can grab a trial off of NuGet: After that, all you have to do is return a PdfActionResult that points to the view you want to render as a PDF: //Normal ASP.NET MVC Action that renders a dashboard... public ActionResult Dashboard(DashboardType type) { var dashboardModel = GetDashboard(type); return View(dashboardModel); } //Simple wrapper that creates a PDF of the dashboard! public ActionResult PrintDashboard(DashboardType type) { return new PdfActionResult<HomeController>(c => c.Dashboard(type)); } That’s all there is to it!  Remember, this weekend sale will save you over $200 off the regular price!

I Just Launched My First Product: Perfect PDF for ASP.NET MVC

I’m currently in the midst of the longest vacation I’ve taken in over 3 years.  Aside from cranking out content for my next Pluralsight course, working on improving the startup experience for SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc, AND working on an entirely new member of the SpecsFor family, I also decided I wanted to ship a product!  Say hello to Perfect PDF for ASP.NET MVC! More...