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SpecsFor.Mvc Updated (again!)

SpecsFor.Mvc 4.4.0 is now live!  This release includes improvements contributed by two very awesome individuals.  E-mail addresses containing a ‘+’ character now work correctly, and you can now wait for an element on a form to become visible using the fluent interface.  Read on to learn more about these changes! More...

Random Link Roundup–2/13/2015

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!  Remember, if you decide to go camping tonight, watch out for hockey players! Courtesy of More...

Using Inversion of Control with the Default ASP.NET MVC App Template

I routinely get questions about using an IoC container, like StructureMap, with ASP.NET Identity, particularly with the way it’s set up in the default ASP.NET MVC project template.  In this post, I’ll show you the quickest way to IoC-enable the starter app. More...

SpecsFor.Mvc and SpecsFor<Web> Helpers updated!

There are two new releases on the SpecsFor front today.  First, thanks to Neuhoffm again, SpecsFor.Mvc now supports radio buttons properly.  You can “check” a radio button by string value or by using a strongly-typed value: SUT.FindFormFor<Task>() .Field(m => m.Title).SetValueTo("use radio buttons") //By string... .Field(m => m.Complete, "false").Click() .Submit(); SUT.FindFormFor<Task>() .Field(m => m.Title).SetValueTo("use radio buttons") .Field(m => m.Complete, true).Click() //Or b... [More]

Random Link Roundup–2/6/2015

It’s Friday again already!  I only have a small collection of links this week, but hey, at least I posted something! More...

The 10 AngularJS Directives I Use the Most

AngularJS has a TON of directives.  Here's a quick list of 10 built-in AngularJS directives that I find myself using more often than any others. More...

SpecsFor.Mvc 4.2.0 Released!

There’s a new build of SpecsFor.Mvc available on NuGet tonight!  This version adds support for navigating to controllers within areas that are decorated with the RouteAreaAttribute class.  Now you can do things like NavigateTo<TController>() against controllers that are in areas without using the MvcFuture’s ActionLinkAreaAttribute. My thanks go out to Neuhoffm for this improvement!