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SpecsFor 4.0.1 Released, SpecsFor.Templates 1.0.0 Released!

Two new releases today.  The first is a small improvement to SpecsFor, the other is a completely new ReSharper extension to jump-start your productivity with SpecsFor. More...

I Just Launched My First Product: Perfect PDF for ASP.NET MVC

I’m currently in the midst of the longest vacation I’ve taken in over 3 years.  Aside from cranking out content for my next Pluralsight course, working on improving the startup experience for SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc, AND working on an entirely new member of the SpecsFor family, I also decided I wanted to ship a product!  Say hello to Perfect PDF for ASP.NET MVC! More...

SpecsFor Basics - Writing Your First Spec, Part 1

The documentation on SpecsFor is sorely lacking.  Me (and another volunteer!) are working to fix that.  This is part of a series of posts about SpecsFor, which will eventually make its way in to the official docs. In our last post, we looked at organizing specs in a typical web project.  We created two projects to house our specs, and we added SpecsFor to each of them using NuGet.  In this post, we'll shift gears and focus on the mechanics of testing as we create our first spec! More...

SpecsFor 4.0 Released

In what will assuredly be the most lack-luster major release of all time, SpecsFor has been bumped to version 4.0.  There are no new features in this update.  So why is this 4.0?  This new version uses StructureMap 3.0, which was not compatible with previous versions of SpecsFor.  Because of changes in StructureMap’s automocker, this release also (finally) breaks the useless dependency on Rhino Mocks.  So, enjoy!  The latest version is on on NuGet.