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SpecsFor.Mvc 3.0.0 Final Released

I just published the final version of SpecsFor.Mvc 3.0.0.  As I mentioned previously, this update adds support for MVC 5.0, drops the dependency on MVCContrib and Rhino Mocks, and includes a handful of other fixes.  Next on the SpecsFor.Mvc agenda is improving the initial setup experience and eliminating pain around lingering IIS Express and Selenium processes.  In the meantime, please let me know if you run into any problems with SpecsFor.Mvc via the Github project page.

SpecsFor 3.1.0 Released

I shipped a small update to SpecsFor yesterday.  This update exposes the underlying mocking container to behaviors that are registered using the compositional context API. More...

SpecsFor.Mvc 3.0.0 Preview 5–Now Compatible with ASP.NET MVC 5!

There’s a new preview release of SpecsFor.Mvc available on NuGet now.  There are a lot of changes in this release, and there are some unavoidable, manual steps you will need to take.  If no one encounters any major pain points due to this upgrade, I’ll publish the final package next week. More...