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Git Tips & Tricks, Part 5–Checking Your Commit for TODOs

Today’s simple tip will show you how to check for lingering “TODO” comments before you push your code up to your shared repository. More...

Git Tips & Tricks, Part 4–Breaking a Commit Up

Today’s tip is pretty simple.  I’m going to show you how you can break up a commit into multiple, smaller commits after you’ve already committed everything to your local repo. More...

SpecsFor.Mvc 3.0 Preview 2 Package Released!

The new ‘preview 2’ release of SpecsFor.Mvc is now available on NuGet.   This update is built against the latest Selenium WebDriver package and ASP.NET MVC 4.  It no longer depends on MvcContrib.TestHelper, either, as all the relevant functionality has now been absorbed into SpecsFor.Mvc.  In addition, this preview release fixes several bugs and adds support for cleaning up the published site when using the embedded IIS Express host. Going forward, the SpecsFor.Mvc package will require a specific version of Selenium WebDriver.  I generally don’t like it when packages ... [More]