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Things Every Senior .NET Developer Should Know, Part 1 - Object-Oriented Programming

If I could pick only one thing that a senior-level .NET developer should know, it would be Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).  True, OOP is not .NET specific, and indeed I think at this point a senior developer on virtually any platform should be familiar with OOP, it’s especially important here in the .NET world.  Read on to find out why I think OOP is so important and to get a quick introduction and refresher on the four major tenets of OOP. More...

Things Every Senior .NET Developer Should Know–Introduction

.NET will officially turn 10 years old in February.  Our platform and our community have matured and grown in that time, and today it is virtually impossible for a developer to truly be an expert in everything .NET-related.  There are, however, several things that I think everyone on the .NET platform, particularly those of us that are arrogant enough to call ourselves “senior” level, should know.  Part 1 – Object-Oriented Programming Over the coming weeks (or more likely, months, given how infrequently I manage to blog), I will share with you the things that I assume any sen... [More]

My Rambling Thoughts on Scrum

I’ve spent the last year working at a company that embraced Agile from the top-down.  I’ve been on a Scrum team as it transitioned from semi-chaos to self-organizing and back to complete-chaos.  I’ve seen Scrum at its best and at its worst.  During this year, I’ve made a few observations on Scrum, its strengths, and its weaknesses.  Read on, ye readers, to find out why I think Scrum fails. More...