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liteGrid Updated

Thanks to the efforts of James Kolpack (whose blog has apparently imploded), liteGrid has been updated to the latest versions of jQuery, jQuery UI, and more.  The long-standing bug with the resizable columns not working correctly in Chrome has also been fixed.  You can check out a demo here.  Thanks, James!

Using An Application Bus To Raise Events

I’ve been writing recently about the Application Bus pattern and how it’s used in RageFeed.  So far, I’ve shown you how it can be used to send both one-way commands as well as synchronous request-reply commands, enabling you to decouple the pieces of your application.  There’s another type of communication that is even more loosely coupled, and it’s a good fit for scenarios where you want to perform a variety of unrelated actions in response to something occurring in your application.  In this article, I’ll show you how to use the Application Bus to raise and handle events. The... [More]

RageFeed’s Application Bus, and Why I Built My Own

In my last article, I introduced the Application Bus pattern, a specialization of the  Message Bus pattern.  I’m employing an Application Bus in RageFeed, the hobby social networking application I sometimes work on.  Today, I’ll show you how the bus utilizes StructureMap for locating message end points and for dispatching messages.  I’ll also explain why I chose to build my own bus instead of leveraging an existing one, such as the bus available in MVCContrib.  The RageFeed Application Bus I showed some of the interfaces from the RageFeed bus last time.  It’s p... [More]