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RageFeed’s Message Bus

In my recent post about heavy controller actions in RageFeed, I promised to show more details about how the Message Bus pattern was being employed within RageFeed to facilitate the creation of simple, business-logic-free controllers.  Then I got sidetracked with a new job, CodeStock, travel, and life in general. Since then, the message bus in RageFeed has changed quite a bit.  In this post, I’ll show you how the bus looks today and how it’s implemented.  As a refresher, recall that the controllers within RageFeed were becoming quite bloated, with code resembling the following:... [More]

My “NHibernate.Search and Lucene.NET” Presentation from CodeStock 2010

CodeStock 2010 is over. I had a good time, talked with lots of cool people, and attended some great sessions.  Though I had to miss day 1 due to commitments for my new job at TrackAbout, I was able to attend and present on day 2.  I’d like to thank everyone that attended my presentation, and I hope everyone took something useful away from it. I’ve uploaded my slides and code, so if you missed the session and are curious what was covered, or if you attended and want to see it again, check out the links below.  The slide deck is a little sparse on content since most of the sessio... [More]