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Fun with Git: how to re-attach your ssh key on a new machine

It seems you are no longer cool unless you are using Git and Github, so I decided I’d give it a shot with Esenterate.  I found Git for Windows Developers to be extremely useful, and I highly recommend reading it if you are thinking about using Git.  Everything was fairly straight forward except for one small detail: I wanted to use Git from both my laptop and my desktop.  I generated my public/private key pair on my laptop, then copied it to my desktop, but I wasn’t sure how to associate the pair with my user in gitbash.  (yes, I realize that the solution is probably obvi... [More]

A fluent HtmlHelper extension for using FusionCharts in ASP.NET MVC, Part 1

We’ve been working like mad to get a (very) functional prototype of our new system running at work, which is why my posts have been rather sparse lately.  We’re doing interesting things, just not much that I can talk about.  Today is different though, I actually have something useful to share! My current task revolves around rendering charts.  I’ve previously used a variety of charting libraries, mostly recently Telerik and dotnetCharting, but we wanted to go a different route this time.  Neither was a good fit for ASP.NET MVC the last time I looked.  So, I thought I’... [More]

Stack Overflow Careers

Joel just announced the launch of Stack Overflow Careers.  Like most things Joel, this seems to be built around his idea of how the world should be, which is actually pretty cool, since in his world we’d all be treated like super stars.  I do however take issue with one of his statements: Instead of submitting a resume, you’ll fill out a CV, which links back to your Stack Overflow account, so that you can demonstrate your reputation in the community and show us all how smart you really are. To a hiring manager, the fact that you took the time to help a fellow programmer with a de... [More]