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Link Roundup for Apr. 27, 2009

Two weeks, then school is out.  Sadly I’m going to miss my thesis defense deadline, but not by much.  By the end of May, I should still be a free man, which means more posts (maybe).  In the mean time, here are links that I missed over the last week: Windows 7 RC The release candidate should be here on the 30th.  That’s great news.  I’m really digging the beta.  I would switch from XP to Windows 7 *today* if there was going to be a supported upgrade path from the pre-releases to the final release (there is an upgrade path, apparently, but it isn’t supported). ... [More]

I’ve been called out!

My lack of posting and failure to follow through on promised posts has been noted by Sol over on Federated Search Blog.  I wish I had a good excuse, but I really don’t (aside from my usual excuses: school, work, baby).  So… sorry about that. :| Things are going to be hectic for the next couple of weeks as the semester winds down, but after that, my schedule should improve tremendously.  One of the things I’ll be reviving is my posts on Deep-Web crawling.  Despite being quiet about it, I’ve actually been very active in this area lately.  I just gave a 45 minute talk on... [More]

How to build an MVC application WITH 200% MORE SUCK

Obligatory apology for lack of posting: yeah, life is sucking pretty hard right now.  I have a paper due in two weeks, a 40-minute presentation on deep web crawling to give on Wednesday, a new .NET information retrieval application that has to be complete in about three weeks, a thesis that has to be defended within three weeks, a baby that’s apparently on the way (RIGHT NOW), two journal articles to submit for publication, a new Umbraco site to finish up… my life sucks. But it doesn’t suck as bad as Kobe.  I am continually baffled by the things that come out of Microsoft.  Yo... [More]

Link Roundup for Apr. 13, 2009

Some of these links are late since I was in meetings the entire second half of last week, but all are still worth a look if you missed them: WPF Glass Effect Want the Aero glass look in your WPF application?  Well, now you can get it with just a few lines of XAML. 9 Golden Rules of Visual Design If you are a good developer, then you (probably) suck at visual design.  Here are some rules you can follow to make your interfaces less terrible. Getting started with NHibernate and Fluent Mapping This is a very nice tutorial on getting up and running with NHibernate using the fl... [More]

A (much) more informed view of Infer.NET

In response to my naive impression of Infer.NET, John Winn has supplied a wealth of insight into its design and implementation: Many thanks for taking the time to look at Infer.NET and post your comments. As one of the researchers behind Infer.NET, I would like to explain a bit more about the project which may make some of the design choices more understandable. Software packages like Weka are great for loading, visualizing and applying existing machine learning algorithms to data. In these packages, the machine learning algorithms are 'black boxes' - you supply them with data in the form the... [More]

Link Roundup for Apr. 8, 2009

Despite buggy designers, I’m digging WPF.  There are a few things that feel obtuse, where I think a more web-like approach to XAML would have been better, but it’s light years beyond WinForms.  Anyway, a couple of WPF links for you today: WPF/Silverlight and MVVM Edward has a link roundup (with screenshots) of tutorials to help you learn MVVM with WPF.  XAML Power Toys Found via Edward on Twitter.  Adds a bunch of commands to Visual Studio 2008, such as extracting styles from properties, generating view models, generating forms automatically… good stuff!

Link Roundup for Apr. 6, 2009

More ASP.NET MVC “Recommendations” Again, I think it’s still a little early to be claiming anything as a best-practice yet, but here are some more ideas you might want to consider. ASP.NET MVC Ninjas on Fire Black Belt Tips Phil Haack did a session at MIX this year with that title.  I haven’t finished the video yet, but so far, it looks pretty promising.  Plus it has slides with flaming ninjas, which is awesome. MvcContrib and jQuery datatable Here’s a very simple walkthrough of using MvcContrib with jQuery to create a rich table experience. 

Link Roundup for Apr. 3, 2009

ASP.NET MVC Goes Open-Source The source has always been available, but now it’s MS-PL, which means you can take it, modify it, redistribute it, whatever you want.  That’s good news for the Mono crew! ASP.NET MVC Futures Maarten has a nice write-up summarizing some of the things that are available in ASP.NET MVC Futures.  None of this is officially ‘production ready’, but that’s been true of MVC in general up until recently.  Use at your own risk, but there’s some really handy things in there. ASP.NET MVC Best Practices? I think it’s still a little early in ASP.NET MVC... [More]

Link Roundup for Apr. 1, 2009

Oh crap it’s April Fools Day.  The gimmick articles are out in force! Internet Explorer Stops Sucking! Ok, that one is pretty obvious.  I mean, Internet Explorer *not* suck?  Impossible, I say! .NET 4.1 Features Thankfully we don’t have to worry about this coming true. Ayende has forsaken us! Abandon ship!  Everyone out of the universe! Real links: ASP.NET Futures Feedback MS is requesting feedback to help guide the construction of ASP.NET vNext.  If you want to complain, now is the time! XNA News Somehow I missed that the Game Developer’s Conferen... [More]