Using Git with Subversion

Do you love Git?  Are you working on a project that’s using Subversion?  Well, did you know that Git actually integrates quite nicely with Subversion right out of the box?  I’ll show you what you need to know to get started with Git and Subversion, and I’ll show you the workflow I use for keeping […]

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AppHarbor Rocks. Seriously.

You kids and your applications today.  Back in my day, we published our applications like real men!  We didn’t have these fancy, cloud-based services like Heroku and AppHarbor.  We couldn’t just type ‘git push origin’ and have our application magically show up online, ready to rock and roll.  We used to dread deploying our code […]

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SpecsFor 2.4 Released

I just published a new version of SpecsFor to NuGet.  This version includes a couple of minor enhancements: parameterized context classes and a new Should extension method. [more] Parameterized Context SpecsFor has long had the ability to specify context (ie: the Given step of BDD) in a compositional way using separate context classes.  Prior to […]

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Status Update on SpecsFor.Mvc

Well, I missed my goal of having the 1.0 version of SpecsFor.Mvc available by the end of 2011, but it was not for lack of trying.  I’ve been dog-fooding it on a mobile web app (my first), and that’s resulted in a number of changes and improvements.  I’m quite pleased with how things are shaping […]

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