Getting Started with NHibernate 3 and SQL Compact

There are many posts on the web about how easy it is to get started with Microsoft’s Entity Framework and SQL Server Compact Edition (SQL CE).  This combination seems to be all the rage thanks to EF’s new “Code First” approach introduced in version 4.1.  While I am impressed with the latest version of Entity […]

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Test-Driven Development Is Not Slower

Hello, my name is Matt Honeycutt, and I am addicted to Test Driven Development.  I’ve been “using” for about 5 years now.  It started out with a little innocent unit testing and Test Later Development, but I quickly found that the increased productivity caused by TDD to be too alluring, and I succumbed.  Now I’m […]

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Cleaning up POSTs in ASP.NET MVC, the Fail Tracker Way

Those who have worked with ASP.NET MVC for more than a day have no doubt found themselves repeating common patterns when handling POSTs.  Jimmy Bogard recently blogged one way to simplify your actions.  I handled the same problem in Fail Tracker by implementing a very simple convention (one-model-in, one-model-out) and pushing some responsibility into the […]

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