SpecsFor V1.0 Released!

The first full, non-beta release of SpecsFor is finally out the door.  This release enables BDD style testing using NUnit, Moq, and StructureMap’s auto-mocking container.  You can grab the binary release from the CodePlex site, or you may use NuGet instead. The current version of SpecsFor depends on a few strongly-named packages.  These dependencies will […]

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Vote For Me At CodeStock 2011!

CodeStock is a great developer-driven event that’s hosted in Knoxville, TN.  It’s a terrific bargain: two days of learning and hanging out with other great devs, plus food and drinks, all for a price that’s significantly less than other similar events.  As is the case every year, attendees decide which sessions will be part of […]

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Friday Programming Challenge–The Answer

Yesterday I presented a problem that I struggle with for several hours: given a generic Func<T,object> created by a fluent DSL, how can I call a method that only accepts a non-generic Func<object,object>?  The answer is actually quite simple. Here’s the relevant non-compiling code from yesterday: internal interface ISerializationConfig { … void SerializePropertyAsElementUsing(Type target, PropertyInfo […]

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Friday Programming Challenge

It’s the first (and probably only) Friday Programming Challenge!  Today’s task is simple.  How can we pass a generic Func<T,object> to a method that only accepts a Func<object,object>?  Specifically, how can we make this code compile? internal interface ISerializationConfig { … void SerializePropertyAsElementUsing(Type target, PropertyInfo property, string elementName, Func<object, object> converter); } … ITypeSerializationSpec<T> IInitialPropertySerializationSpec<T>.Using(Func<T, […]

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Setting Certificate Permissions With Powershell

This post is more a reminder for me than anything else, but you may find it useful if you are scripting certificate-management tasks on Windows. The Certificate Manager snap-in for Windows allows you to manage permissions for certificates.  This is important if you want to, for example, grant your ASP.NET application the ability to use […]

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SpecsFor Released!

It’s not the official 1.0 release yet, but I have just published the first (and hopefully only) preview version of SpecsFor.   You can download it right now from the CodePlex site. This release meets most of the goals I laid out in my last post on SpecsFor, and if no bugs are found, SpecsFor Version […]

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