Posting Hiatus

I’m taking a few weeks off of work to focus on thesis-related things, so there (probably) won’t be any blog posts here until the first full week of January when I return to a normal schedule.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Having a baby is like a software release…

A friend just made me realize that having a baby is exactly like releasing a software product.  It starts by someone else picking an arbitrary release date, then you kind of drift along with unclear requirements for a while (is it a boy or a girl?).  Periodically, the release date gets changed for no apparent […]

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I declare victory for C# over C!

Alright, that’s not quite fair, but anyone that assumes that C# is going to be slow just because Java is making a big mistake.  One of my classmates made this mistake, and it should have cost him $5, but I chickened out and wouldn’t take the bet.  Anyway: We had a programming assignment to find […]

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Essential Development Team Tools

Unless you are a micro-ISV or are developing on your own for fun, I doubt you are working in isolation.  You are probably working as part of a team of developers (and possibly testers, designers, etc) who are all working in parallel on the project.  I’ve been on the same team since my employer first […]

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