Why I Chose Angular

Choosing a front-end framework is no small task these days. There are a lot of options out there, each with pros and cons. When I decided I wanted to move to a “next gen” framework, I surprised myself by going with a framework that I initially had a lot of negative feelings about: Angular. In […]

Dealing with Horrid, No-Good, Very-Bad APIs Using JSON.NET

I already mentioned how I’m working on a big data integration project. Sadly, one of the systems involved exposes what I would describe as a “less-than-ideal” API. It’s buggy, poorly-documented… I could go on, but probably shouldn’t. 😃 But the big thing that got me was the lack of consistency. Not just across endpoints, but […]

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A More Elegant Zombie Horde Using Array.from

In my last post, we used ES2015 generators to make a never-ending stream of zombies. A stream is great, but sometimes you need an array. My original approach for making an array of zombies wasn’t elegant, but comments on that post from Ege and Alan showed me a better way using another ES2015 feature. [more] […]

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